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Success Story

When deteriorating health forces a move!

EPS received a request from a gentleman who was in the process of making the difficult decision to move both himself and his wife to an assisted living residence. He was the primary caregiver for his wife, who was suffering from Parkinsons Disease.

The decision was necessary because he was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and realized that his time was limited. He knew he had to make provisions for his wife’s care in case of his incapacity or death. The gentleman chose an assisted living residence that suited him and his wife best; then contacted EPS with a request to manage their move.

Moving day was a challenge for the couple!

A few days prior to the move, the gentleman suffered a relapse and his condition seemed to be spiraling downward. He needed a blood transfusion and was hospitalized. He returned home one day before the move, and was determined to go ahead with the project because he was concerned for his wife’s welfare.

EPS made arrangements for the couple to spend the day of the move in respite care at their assisted living residence, while our crew completed the move. We visited him throughout the day to keep him informed of our progress and at the end of the day, the couple were able to sleep in their own beds, in their new suite!

EPS made the next step of downsizing worry free for him. We worked with his realtor to prepare their home for sale. We made arrangements for the sale of some of the furniture to an auction house, and prepared the balance of his property for donation.

He was very grateful that he could concentrate on his health, and his wife’s health and well being during the project. He told EPS “You managed it all, capably and efficiently, and accomplished it while my wife and I relaxed at our destination. We would not have been able to make the move without you”.

The gentleman’s health initially improved! You see, he had been a very fit man; running marathons well into his seventies! We would often see him at the residence socializing with new found friends or walking into town. However, in May of 2005 he called once again. He asked for our help to move his wife to full care because he was in hospital and did not expect to return to the assisted living residence.

The gentleman made the most loving gesture of all to his wife by making arrangements for her ongoing care and well-being in case of his death. He passed away shortly after she was moved.

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