Estate Property Services

“Thank you for … distributing (sic) the balance of [my Mother’s] personal belongings [to family members] across Canada, and for preparing the house for transfer of ownership. You made a very complex and demanding project worry free for everyone …”
R.H., Edmonton, AB

“Thank you for all your help and support in administrating this Estate.”
M. & C., Vancouver, BC

“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the way you looked after our move ….it was just great.”
D.L., West Vancouver, BC

“You managed it all, capably and efficiently, and accomplished it while my wife and I relaxed at our destination. … we would not have been able to make the move without you.”
J.M.B., Vancouver, BC

“The move from our home of over twenty years, encompassing as it did, eighty plus years of living and collecting was an extremely daunting task. If it had not been for your leadership and guidance, it would never have been accomplished.”
G. & F. R., Vancouver, BC

“Even when I collapsed under the stress, you were cool and reassuring, and so competent that I felt able to leave everything in your hands …and for that I am very grateful.”
F.R., Vancouver, BC

“Thank you for your professional approach …and (sic) the kind and patient manner in which you worked through every detail with our elderly mother. You made this move …a pleasurable experience.”
J.D.L.M., Vancouver, BC

“EPS provided exactly what was wanted …I have no hesitation in recommending … Estate Property Services …and (sic) their method of operation.”
B.M.W., Vancouver, BC

“Thanks so much for all your help with my mother. She has sounded so well throughout this process and has spoken very highly of you. It is such a relief and comfort to me that things have gone so smoothly.
D.B., San Francisco, CA

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