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Success Story

Reducing cost and stress for an Executor

EPS received a request from a resident of New York State, for a meeting to discuss the disposition of her mother’s personal, household property. The daughter was acting as executor to her mother’s estate. Her mother had been living in a seniors’ residence in White Rock, British Columbia.

The daughter and her brother both lived in the United States. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to honor their mother’s wishes, as set out in her will, and complete the wind up of the estate while limiting the time and expense of multiple trips between their home and White Rock. They also wanted to limit the emotional stress of sorting their mother’s belongings.

EPS made arrangements for a representative to meet with the daughter and her brother, in White Rock, a few days after their mother’s funeral. After explaining the services available, the EPS representative worked with the clients to identify the specific services required, agree on a schedule for completion of the project, and provide an estimate of the cost for the services.

The project involved a number of steps for completion. Items that were gifted to family and friends, were identified, packaged and shipped to various destinations in North America. Certified appraisers were engaged to identify and value items that could be sold. EPS assisted the client to identify the best offer for these items and to oversee the pick-up of the goods by the buyer. The balance of the belongings were sorted and packed for donation to various charities or for disposal. Finally, EPS had the mother’s suite cleaned and prepared for the next resident.

EPS kept the daughter and brother informed throughout the project with regular progress reports using telephone and E-mail communications. The project was completed on time and on budget.

The initial, two hour meeting with EPS allowed the daughter and her brother to manage the disposition of their mother’s personal and household property without the necessity of a return trip to White Rock. The clients were able to return home, secure in the knowledge that their mother’s belongings would be dealt with in a caring, professional manner that helped them manage the cost of winding up the estate and reduced their emotional stress.

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