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Ms Ann Mackenzie
Estate Property Services

Dear Ann:

I sincerely appreciate and thank you for your assistance in my move from Bowen Island to my new residence in a retirement home in West Vancouver.

I expected this move to be difficult for me because the vacant property was selected and purchased by my wife and I some 18 years ago. We then spent a couple of years visiting (and revisiting) furniture, kitchen, plumbing and lighting stores in both Vancouver and Toronto for our preferred choices and then retained an architect to create our retirement dream home. We moved into our new home in late 1995 and in January 1997 my wife died. This history was bound to make a move away from that location painful.

The house we built was large and certainly too large for me alone. Eventually last year, I decided that I must move to a retirement home because of my health problems (anemia and arthritis). This move would necessitate a drastic downsizing and the purchasing of some smaller furnishings. My knowledge of where or how to sell or dispose of no longer needed household items was essentially zero.

This is where you and Estate Property Services fitted in smoothly and perfectly. Every contractor or service that you recommended worked as well as planned and the results were far better than I could ever have achieved on my own. I sincerely thank you and can readily recommend you to others.

Yours very truly

B.P.W., West Vancouver

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