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Success Story

Downsizing at 94!

EPS moved a lovely, ninety-four year old lady from her home of many years to a seniors’ residence, on a trial basis. She had been living in the family home with the assistance of a caregiver. Her only son lived out of province, and although they were very close and he visited as often as possible, she felt very lonely. The decision to downsize was filled with emotion and doubt for her.

The experiment was a success! Moving to the senior’s residence opened up a new world for her. She met many new people and happily participated in the activities offered by the residence staff. A month later, she decided the new living arrangement worked well for her, and it was time to downsize, permanently, to the senior’s residence.

Her son contacted EPS, again, to discuss the disposition of the personal and household property left in the family home. He did not have the time required to look after the project himself, and confided that he found the prospect of “going through a lifetime of family memories” overwhelming. EPS provided him with a practical solution for completing the project.

The first task was to make a list of items that were gifted to family members who lived in different cities across Canada. Once the lists had been approved by the mother and son, and accepted in writing by the family member, EPS made arrangements with a recognized mover and oversaw the packing and loading of the items. EPS tracked all shipments to their destination.

The next step involved the separation and packaging of the balance of her belongings for donation and disposal. This portion of the project proved to be very complex since mother was quite a collector and had filled her house “to the roof top”! Her large collection of rare Cactus, which was precious to her, provided a special challenge. EPS managed to find a home for the entire collection with a botanical club that is associated with a local university.

Before the project was complete, the family home was sold. Because the house was not occupied, it had to be monitored regularly to validate the insurance policy. EPS agreed to monitor the house until the sale closed.

EPS visited the mother, regularly, and kept in touch with the son by telephone and E-mail to keep them informed about each step of the project.

Throughout the project, each time the son visited his mother, he was able to concentrate on her health and welfare, knowing that EPS was attending to the details of the disposition of personal and household property at the family home. The son told EPS; “You made a very complex and demanding project worry free for everyone …”

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