Estate Property Services
Easy Pay

Estate Property Services manages all the tasks necessary to complete your project. The tasks and the cost for those services are set out in the EPS Estimate and Contract that is presented to you for your approval prior to the start of your project.

When your project is complete, EPS makes payment easy by accumulating all the fees for all the services set out in the EPS Estimate and Contract into a single, final invoice for presentation to you. A deposit invoice prior to the start of your project and, in most cases, a final invoice at the end of the project is the only payment you need to make.

Plus, you can choose to pay EPS with your personal cheque or with a major credit card using the secure credit card payment system provided by PayPal.

IF YOU WANT TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD NOW just click on the “Pay Now” button, below, to use our secure payment site.

Note: After you click on the "Pay Now" button below, it will take you to our payment page, please use the information from your EPS invoice to:

1. Complete "Your Order Summary"
enter amount from EPS "Balance Due" into box titled "item price" and
click "update"

2. Pay Invoice
choose "Your PayPal Account" or click on "Don't have a PayPal account?"
complete your credit card information
click on "add" to enter your EPS invoice number
click "pay"

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