Estate Property Services
Downsizing - Solutions

Estate Property Services provides a wide range of services to help you move to your new home. The key services include:

Identify and sort your personal and household property to be moved.
Pack and ship items promised to family and friends.
Arrange for appraisal, sale and disposal of the balance of your personal and household property.
Cancel and reroute services.
Negotiate the moving contract with recognized professionals.
Manage the move to your new home.
Prepare your existing home for sale.

Each move is customized to provide just the services you need. A perfect solution for a stress free move! Check out the benefits.

EPS works with experienced, professional partners to assure you of reliable, efficient and affordable services. The result is the timely completion of the move to your new home.

Note: Estate Property Services does not provide banking, investment, insurance or legal services.


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